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Mr. Ryan Messerschmidt





Related Careers

Welder, Cutters, Solderers

Machinist, Tool and Die

Sheet Metal Worker

Iron and Steel Worker

Boiler Maker

What does it take?

Associates Degree

Industrial Training/Assoicates Degree





What does it make?

$36,000 - $56,560


Welding Course

GMAW (MIG) welding

GMAW (MIG) welding uses the theory and techniques in basic gas metal arc welding to produce sound fillet welds and sound groove welds in the flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions. Students weld using short-circuit, spray, and puled-spray modes of metal transfer. As well as an introduction into basic blueprint reading for welding.

Industrial Cutting Processes and SMAW (Stick) welding

Industrial Cutting Processes and SMAW (Stick) welding teaches students a working knowledge of manual and machine oxyfuel and plasma cutting, air carbon arc gouging, plasma gouging, and SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding). Students will be required to complete the manufacturing of an instructor assigned project. Knowledge will also be gained in the area of blue print reading based on the processes in this area of study.

Oxyacetylene/ GTAW (TIG) welding

Oxyacetylene/ GTAW (TIG) welding covers basic use of equipment and basic skills necessary to be knowledgeable in the area of oxyacetylene welding. These skills transfer as preparatory knowledge for basic TIG welding which is covered in the specialty welding portion of this course. Industry welding processes will include TIG basic welding on steel, stainless, and aluminum, and MIG welding on aluminum and stainless steel. An advancement of the students’ knowledge of blue print reading will be gained while working on these areas of study.