Instructors: Lynn King-Grieve and Bobbye Overman
Sophomore Eligibility

Photography 1-2

Photography 1-2 provides students with technical skills and introduces them to many career paths in the world of photographic media. Effective shooting, lighting, composition and darkroom techniques are explored. Students work with several types of cameras, including digital cameras. The class is hands on  and project oriented where problem solving and multi-tasking is a must. Students apply their skills and focus on a career in photography such as: portraiture, sports, fashion, commercial, and architectural photography, advertising and photojournalism. 

Prerequisites: None
Duration: Full year (2 semesters)
Credit: 4 per year
Grade Level: 10, 11, 12


Photography 3-4

This course is for the student willing to be challenged with real world scenarios set in today's technological based photo industry. This class prepares students for post-secondary education and a career in photographic media. Areas studied include: Industrial/Commercial Photography (images used in product and business advertising); Studio Portraiture (senior pictures, professional headshots and fashion photography); Fine Art Gallery Photography (images that stand on their own for visual display); and Photojournalism (going to events and recording the visual story for quick printing in today's fast moving world). Students focus their skills on two of the areas explored. Students create a documentary portfolio to showcase their skills. 

Prerequisites: Photography 1-2; with a "C" required. Portfolio review required.
Duration: Full year (2 semesters)
Credit: 4 per year
Grade Level: 11, 12


Photography 5-6

Photography 5-6 is made available as needed for students who have proven their ambition to pursue photography in a serious capacity. Upon completion of the student's junior year, they have strong interest in either entering the professional photography industry or a commitment to enter a post-secondary program related to visual arts. The requirements for Photography 5-6 include but is not limited to: evidence of advanced photography technical skills, evidence of a strong work ethic, and good attendance. Positive interaction skills with instructors and fellow classmates, and an expressed dire to continue working in a photography career path will be emphasized.

Prerequisites: Admission by instructor approval
Duration: Full year (2 semesters)
Credit: 4 per year
Grade Level: 12