Commercial Design

Instructor: Bobbye Overman
Sophomore Eligibility

Commercial Design 1-2
This course introduces students to the multi-faceted career of visual graphics. Students learn the steps of the creative process beginning with an idea and what it takes to transform that idea into a portfolio quality finished piece. Students establish a portfolio that includes, illustrations, package designs, posters, logo designs, cartoons, layouts, greeting cards, advertising brochures, and magazine covers. An exploration of basic art materials and processes will aid the student in developing a personal style; airbrush, colored markers, colored pencils, technical pens, as well as computer graphic design programs. Programs include: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design. The use of digital cameras, scanners, WACOM digital drawing tablets, and high quality printers allows the most advanced commercial art training available to high school students.

Prerequisites: None
Duration: Full year (2 semesters)
Credit: 4 per year
Grade Level: 10, 11, and 12 with permission


Commercial Design 3-4

This course allows students to build on the design principles and techniques learned in Commercial Design 1-2. Commercial Design allows the student to create new projects to expand and enhance his or her portfolio. The portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that demonstrates important artistic skills and academic knowledge. Students will be expected to assemble an electronic (digital) portfolio by the end of the course. Students will examine a wide spectrum of art-related careers and uncover the steps they will need to take in pursuit of each career. Example of career opportunities include Art Director, Illustrator, Web Designer, Web Master, Creative Director, and Technical Director. 

Prerequisites: Commercial Design 1-2
Duration: Full year (2 semesters)
Credit: 4 per year
Grade Level: 11, 12